AudaExplore is a technology based company that can deliver the fastest claims outcomes and best possible experience to their vehicle owners customers. They needed help organizing and creating a user centric website that helped portray just that.

For this project, my team and I where required to understand from the AudaExplore client perspective. We also took the project through human-centered design principles to come up with the final product. I lead the team through research, and personas. Through our findings our target audience included mid-aged professionals that where in following insurance markets:

1) Insurance Careers
2) Repairers
3) Dealerships
4) Fleet Owners

  • Client

    Auda Explore

  • My Role

    Design, UX


In collaboration with the content team and supplied sitemaps I lead the wireframe process. I used Axure a wireframe prototype tool.

Industry Icons and Style Guide

Once the wireframes were complete, the fun starts. Based off our gathered industry user specific information I lead the creation of the style guides. The style guides included use cases for fonts, custom icons, colors and custom images. The goal here is to keep consistency and resonate with the user. The colors, type of images and font hierarchy make the user feel comfortable and want to learn more.

Final Outcome

Once the website was launched we received feedback that the site was easy to navigate and finding information was so much better than their previous site.